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Welcome to ENIAC

“Society is already digital, open and collaborative”

There is no doubt that technology has become an engine for change in our society. Education should have a permanent job of adapting itself in order to help us as people, and cannot look the other way. For this reason, it’s exciting that MAGISTERIO should dedicate a special issue to bring to light these changes.

In the Fundación Telefónica, we believe that the society we are living in is already a digital one. That is to say, open, collaborative, and constantly changing. It requires transversal competence in the digital, linguistic, and multicultural fields, and basic reading-writing, logical-mathematical skills that should be developed in another way.

Today, the abundance of information and it’s ubiquity require a different processing, always through collaborative networks. The scholastic world needs a major interaction with the professional world. It will also be necessary to make changes in the evaluation of the students and of the teachers and pedagogues”.

Alejandro Díaz Garreta      

Director of Strategies, Innovation and Education of Fundación Telefónica



“We should invest more in the teacher training”

We welcome the arrival of this new issue by the magazine MAGISTERIO: ENIAC. Its launch coincides appropriately with culminating point of the educational technology, and here we want to call a reflection.

While it is true that today’s classrooms are well equipped with the latest technology, it is the methodology applied to the use of this technology that calls for improvement. We want to call a reflection to improve the current formative models so that we can produce a real change in ways of teaching and learning, and improve the didactic application of the Technologies of Information and Communication.

We should invest more in the improvement of quality of the pedagogues and aid them in making the most of teaching and learning through the use of the ICT. We find it necessary to also recognize the effort these people make in order to integrate the ICT in their classrooms, instead of the criticism that is bound to occur”.

José Dulac   

Professor, researcher and trainer in ICT



“ENIAC and UNED have in common education and ICT”

As in the new publication ENIAC so with the UNED, both share education and technology –factors which run in our blood–.

MAGISTERIO has my congratulations and warm welcome, because it highlights the visibility of the substantial changes that have been made, in all aspects of education, from the presentation of the contents up until the appropriate form of communicating with the students that most certainly has revolutionized the educational model.

All of this was made possible thanks to the social waves that have aptly made use of the technology of information and communication”.

Alejandro Tiana    

Rector of the Spanish National University of Distance Learning (UNED)         



“The ICT forms part of our day to day lives”

When you compare traditional education with current education, two aspects prevail. Firstly, the liberation of time and space dedicated to the educational system.  Schools previously confined the major part of practical education to limited space and time. Today, any moment and any place are appropriate for learning. New media and opportunities allow for this.

Secondly, the intensive use of ICT in Education. Computers, digital content, social networks or technological platforms that form a part of our day to day lives.

Based on these two factors we can re-establish current education. A re-establishing that implicates many actors: not only educators, students, and families, but also the industry, creators, media, journalists… through dialogue and cooperation.

For this reason, new publications that open this conversation destined to re-invent Education, are welcome. In aulaPlaneta we give a warm welcome to the ENIAC and wish to trace this new path”.

Carlos Flores 

Director of aulaPlaneta



“Sharing the best innovation practices”

In the space of a few years, we are going to transition from the sector of Educational Technology to the sector of Education with Technology. In this case we all might be actors in this sector: teachers, creators, content producers, developers of games, scriptwriters, writers, editors, administrators and the technological industry.

This transition is possible only if we share the best practices in pedagogical innovation, making the best use of technology in our schools, having set as the objective not only to measure indicators that will give us the certainty and confidence that the technology can improve the teaching-learning process, but also that it can truly improve the quality of Education for our children.

That is why all the actors should be equally involved in the innovation and collaboration.

We welcome ENIAC and we congratulate the whole team”.

Baptista Borrell     

President of the Edutech Clúster



“School learning can change the world”

The history of schooling is intertwined with the development of human beings. Knowing how to use what we learn at school in our lives in order to change the world we live in is a reflection on our evolution as a species.

Technology provides literacy in a language appropriate to the future generations. Neither photography, radio, nor television succeeded in making the same impact as propelled by mobile technology.

For this reason, it is great news to come across a publication like this special issue, where we can converse and grow, generating scientific advancements between technology and other sciences. Our success will be based on these advancements”.

Alfredo Hernando Calvo     

Educator, communicator, psychologist, and creator of



“Changes are being made in Education”

Saying technology does not improve Education is a view based on ignorance or non-educational interests. It is important to know that without technology there could not be a democratic shift in Education.

The educational change led by professionals in Education is already creating change on the margins of regulations and incentives.

The great threat to this advancement that we are living in is the gap in the competence between those who choose to adopt this technology and those who don’t.

The technology will empower teachers so that  21st century Education reaches everyone”.

Alfonso González Hermoso de Mendoza   

President of the Association of Open Education (Asociación Educación Abierta)



“A stupendous opportunity in teacher training”

I give a warm welcome to this new edition in the supplement ENIAC that can greatly aid in understanding the technology used during the learning process. It is a new and stupendous opportunity in training for many of the teaching professionals with uncertainties about professional development who are looking for new concepts, strategies and innovative resources in order to advance in their profession and move towards an emphasis on the student’s self directed learning process.

I am sure that many of the teaching professionals that share ideas and experiences in the social networks will find some very interesting material here. Thank you MAGISTERIO”.

José Fernando Calderero     

Dean and professor of the Faculty of Education of the UNIR



“The challenge is the management of the change”

The last years have been a culmination in the concept of innovation for teachers. The ICT, on top of that, has established a strong foothold in the classroom, up to the point where it is practically an irreplaceable tool for the teachers. The challenge is now the management of the change in methodology: teacher training, integration of content, pedagogic adequacy, and collaborative learning.

In light of this big challenge, ENIAC is a reinforcement to forge both a solid and flexible path in the point of view of knowledge, information, and learning. One must learn from those who learn.  In Epson we stake our bet on innovation and collaborative learning”.

Raúl Sanahuja

Press & Social Media Manager of Epson



“Training should develop the life skills”

Congratulations, MAGISTERIO for your willingness to innovate, diversify, and always provide support for the teachers in excellence and the difficult job of helping people to be, develop, and learn more and more.

Macmillan Education shares your values and applauds this initiative by the magazine ENIAC, whose contents give guidelines for innovation and technology in Education.

Because we believe that children of the 21st century need an education closely connected to the world in which they live, with tools they should master and which, in the long run, should open new possibilities in learning; an Education that allows the development of life skills, a focus that is present in our methods and for which Macmillan Education received the ELTon award in June 2015 (a prestigious award granted by the British Council) for innovation and resources for the teacher.

To a long prosperous life for the ENIAC”.

Marta Martínez       

General Director of Macmillan Education Iberia



“Re-inventing oneself is a popular concept”

By definition, the world is constantly evolving. However there is evidence and widespread agreement that we currently live in a world that is going through a big change in the history of humanity that is resulting especially revolutionary.  The protagonist today is change in itself. Technology is replacing employment and will continue doing so in an exponential way in the following years. “Re-inventing oneself” is becoming an increasingly common concept, and it will soon be rare to have the same job for life years from now.

Successful Education is that which looks further than the traditional disciplines, which conceives school as learning for life, where children can be capable of developing their full potential and understanding their surroundings, almost independently from that which they will dedicate to professionally. People capable of facing this unknown world with a proactive attitude, without feeling threatened by this constant change”.

David Martín Díaz   

Director of Educación y Jóvenes (Ashoka Spain)



“Technology opens new doors in the Education process”

Nelson Mandela said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Today’s students are those who will later become creators of business and bring about dynamic changes in our society. Only with a quality Education will they be able to generate the necessary changes needed so that their decisions and initiatives can aid development in the future.

The need for quality Education through the use of current technology opens new doors in the educational process. Thus, it is satisfying to witness the birth of new initiatives, like ENIAC, who shoulder the great responsibility as advancers in knowledge, and help create an advanced educational environment”.

Óscar Sanz      

Education Director of Microsoft Ibérica

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