abril 2, 2020

In the pool report generated after Monday’s Lions-Packers

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    game Ty Summers Jersey Womens , referee Clete Blakeman said that the controvesial illegal hands to the face fouls imposed against the Lions were called by umpire Jeff Rice. That admission caught the attention of some league insiders.Prior to 2017, the referee had jurisdiction over the left tackle and whoever he is blocking. The referee would watch the left tackle and his opponent until the pocket collapses, before turning his attention to the quarterback.The flaw in that approach was obvious: Once the referee turned his attention to the quarterback, the left tackle and his opponent were essentially left to their own devices, since the umpire watched the center and the guards and the line judge (or head linesman) watched the right tackle. This resulted in plenty of fouls that were missed because no one was watching the left tackle and the man blocking him after the pocket collapsed.In 2017, after Dean Blandino left the NFL and Al Riveron assumed responsibility for the officiating function, the referee became responsible for the right tackle and the right guard Ty Summers Green Bay Packers Jersey , with the umpire responsibe for the left tackle, left guard, and center. (The referee watches the center if he moves to the right side after the snap.) This ensures that someone will be watching the left tackle and his opponent through the release of the ball. (It nevertheless creates a potential flaw when it comes to the right tackle and right guard after the pocket collapses and the referee shifts his attention to the quarterback.)It means little for what transpired last night; if, however, the mechanics hadn’t changed in 2017, the referee may not have been looking at Lions defensive end Trey Flowers when he was (or wasn’t) putting his hands in tackle David Bakhtiari‘s face. But the players blocking and rushing from the right side are now more likely to get away with some over-the-line techniques after the pocket collapses.This underscores the potential value of an eighth official, who could monitor the referee’s half of the line continuously after the referee turns his eyes to the quarterback.Again Aaron Rodgers Jersey , none of this should mattered on Monday night, because the umpire got it wrong, twice. When watching games moving forward (and when mistakes happen), remember that it’s the umpire who’s watching the everyone to the left of the snap, and that the referee is watching everyone to the right.Packers’ schedule is among NFL’s ten easiest, says Football Outsiders Projecting the difficulty of an NFL team’s schedule is a tall order. Few sports have as much volatility from year to year as the NFL, and the inherent parity in the league tends to make measures based on previous years’ records unreliable.However Clay Matthews Jersey , Football Outsiders attempted to project the strength of NFL team’s schedules for 2018 by projecting what their opponents’ collective DVOA ratings will be for the upcoming season rather than relying on simple measures like 2017 records. Under that scheme, they project the Green Bay Packers to have just the 25th-toughest schedule — in other words, the eighth-easiest slate in the NFL.That projection comes thanks to the team’s opponents having an average projected DVOA of -1.1%. Interestingly, that is the easiest slate of any team in the NFC North, with the Lions coming in 11th (+0.6%), the Vikings 16th (+0.1%), and the Bears 18th (0.0%). Last season Mike Daniels Jersey , by contrast, the Packers’ schedule was the second-toughest in the entire NFL behind only the Bears.Granted, the Packers have a brutally difficult set of games in the middle of the season. That five-week stretch after the bye week, which features four road games and three of those coming against 2017 division winners, will define this team’s season. Back-to-back games there come at the Rams and at the Patriots, two of the toughest contests on the schedule. However, with an advantageous lineup to start and close the season — including three games against poor AFC East squads — the Packers should have a chance to be right in the mix in the NFC North.This year’s toughest schedules belong to the four teams in the NFC South Brett Favre Jersey , with the Panthers, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Saints going one through four in that order. A big reason for that fact is that the division featured three playoff teams a year ago; likewise their schedule rotation features the NFC East (with the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles) and the AFC North.Click here for the full analysis of all 32 NFL teams’ schedules from Football Outsiders, via ESPN.

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